Meadowbrook Creek Streambank and Fish Spawning Habitat Improvement Project – In Honor of Earth Day 2022

The Pewaukee Chapter of Walleyes for Tomorrow and the Rukert-Mielke Environmental team took to the woods and waters to help restore the banks of Meadowbrook creek. While Jerad Wegner lead the R/M team (and he cooked burgers/Brats), Dakota Koepp and Jim Schmitz lead the WFT team in Coir log placement, pounding stakes, and installing pine trees to re-establish the banks. Over time the banks erode and the creek becomes shallower and warmer making it an environment for carp and rough fish. Tightening up banks, improves the flow, deepens the stream and allows the water tempertures to stay cooler helping the game fish environment. Northern pike and other gamefish spawn in flowing water, on rocks and riffles and along sedges which grow along the stream banks. The team will be planting over 500 sedges along the banks in coming weeks.

Wally Wagon Hatching 2021

Well folks the WDNR did some electroshocking and there are lots of Year of the Young Walleyes all over. These 6-8″ fish either came from natural reproduction or the walleye wagon was a big success. We released one of the biggest batches of walleye eggs in Pewaukee history and they were released into Pewaukee Lake this past spring.

Here’s a few photos of this Springs progress. Ultimately it looks like we released 8 million fry in 2021.

Thanks for all that helped this year and we welcome any new members to come join us next spring 2022. We would expect it all to start the 2nd week of April and be done by Mothers day!


2022 WFT PEWAUKEE LAKE ICE FISHERY – FEB 19th at Curlys Waterfront

The 2022 Ice Fishery will be held out of Curlys Waterfront. To date (January 24th) we have 13″ of ice and the weather is going to be cold for the next week which will only help the ice conditions. This fishery is a fund raiser for the benefit of Pewaukee Lake and the fisheries of Wisconsin. Green tickets will be sold for the main raffle. They are available at The Beer Depot, at BP Pantry 41 and Dick Smiths. Fill them out and give them the money. I will get the tickets and money from them. The main prizes are: 1st- 65″ T.V., 2nd- $500 cash and 3rd- $300 cash – you do not need to be present to win these items.

We will also have some really nice “Red bucket Items” to raffle, tickets will be sold in Curlys all day after 10 a.m. or so. On the list as of today is a Vexilar FLX 28, an Ion Electric Auger, an Aquaview 715c camera, a yeti cooler, a large booze wagon, scratch off ticket baskets and many other items similar to past years.

Meat raffles expected from noon on all afternoon.

Fishing starts at 6:30 am and ends promptly at 3:00 p.m. No fish can be registered if you are not signed up and have purchased some green tickets. Fish prizes will be: largest legal Pike (min. size 32″), Largest legal Bass (min. size 14″) winner will be by total length a tie breaker will be by weight. Largest crappie, largest Blue gill, largest Sunfish (pumpkin seed), largest Perch and largest rough fish (dog fish, mud puppy, carp, bull head or we’ll even count a clam). These will be length first and any tie will be by weight as a tie breaker. Any folks who take all this too seriously and start whining, cheating, or causing disruptive behavior will be removed from the premises.

The Main ticket (light blue) raffle prizes you do not have to be present to win. The red bucket ticket items you have to be present to win. These raffles will start at 4:00 p.m. or so, after the fish prizes are done.

If you drive out a vehicle, use your head and don’t park right next to each other, leave some space between vehicles!!! Remember no ice is safe ice, you are all at your own risk!

Call Tom Koepp at 414-333-9603 for any questions

Dana Walk Memorial Fishing Fundraiser

Dana Walk 11x17 Flyer RevisedDana Walk was an active member of the Pewaukee Chapter of Walleyes for Tomorrow  and unfortunately lost is life in the Miller/Coors shooting. The first “fish Sticks” (Woody Structure) installed in Southeaster Wisconsin was placed off Walks Island with the permission of his father Leo. Dana donated a big Oak tree and was there to help set the woody structure. Dana looked forward to and was ready to talk fishing at every WFT Pewaukee chapter meeting. When it came to building and installing the fish cribs, he always showed up with some Miller beverages and was ready to help. Although he probably talked more than doing the physical work, talking about fishing made the work seem more like fun. The fishing stories, the joking and the harassing is part of the comradery the club brings to each other….it’s what the club is all about.

Please come honor Dana, his wife Dori, his son Andy, and his daughters Melanie and Michelle at this event.

Raise a glass and toast Dana, tell some jokes, share a fishing stories and maybe even win a prize.

See you at the Lake!

– from all the members of The Pewaukee Chapter of Walleyes for Tomorrow!!

Hug your wife more, hug your kids more, laugh more, smile more and be a nicer person…


I try to not send too many emails or post too much but I have to do this one as you all should hear it and be proud of what you have accomplished, whether your helping by being a Sponsor, a working member, a financially supporting member…or even just a friend or relative giving members “an attaboy…”

At last night’s meeting at NIP’s Irish Pub we had about 55 members present and the WDNR Bureau of Fisheries Management presented the Pewaukee Chapter of Walleyes for Tomorrow an “EXTERNAL PARTNER AWARD”.

The words of accomplishment spoken by Todd Kalish the Deputy Bureau Director were very detailed such as: “Running the Walleye Wagon”, “Implementing the Fish Sticks Projects”, “Kids Fishing Clinics”, “The Big Ice Fishery”, “Rough Fish Removal”, “Catch and Release Award Program”. and the “Installation of 9 Fish Cribs”… He went on to say that although the fish sticks are more beneficial as wood in the water, when you install large numbers of fish cribs they are not fish kill structures, they are woody structure’s and good for the ecology of the lake. He then went on about our planning of the Meadowbrook stream restoration and habitat improvement project… He said that there are a few items they look for to honor a group and we not only met them, but we “exceeded them on all levels”. He said “Our group is being recognized around the state and we have established “the bar” that others are trying to follow…. what we have achieved in such a short time is incredible”.

Ben Huessner (WDNR Fisheries Biologist) then presented the net survey results and what the electroshocking is showing us – There is an Improvement in gamefish predators in size and numbers (Muskie, Pike and Walleyes), which in turn knocks down the over-abundance of pan fish, which in turn is showing an improvement in pan fish size. Adding woody habitat provides a smorgasbord of food for invertebrates which feed on algae, small fish feed on algae, microorganisms, the bugs and critters on the wood. Feeding on invertebrates and insects greatly improves growth rates of the young of the year (baby , pike, pan fish, etc.). Utilizing the algae decreases the potential of algae blooms….in essence we are helping the entire ecology of the lake.

SOOOOOO….I scanned the first award “Certificate of Commendation” from the Bureau of Fisheries Management and Law Enforcement that we received in 2015 and the latest “External Partner Award” award from the WDNR Fisheries in 2018 so any member could print it off and get a frame and hang it in your cabin, garage, boat house, living room or office….you should be proud, you earned it!

Thanks for the hard work, putting up with each other’s crap and differences of opinions and staying unified and Gettin’ er’ done!

Tom Koepp
Walleyes for Tomorrow
Pewaukee Chapter Chairman

Wally Wagon Time – nets are out

Well the nets are repaired thanks to Captain Keith organizing a few people and trips down to the WDNR office.

The nets are now out and the fish are there, but as usual Mother nature doesn’t know how to “let go” of winter.

We started with 41 degree water after ice out and our reading today was 36.5 degrees. On the flip side the walleye numbers are there. The WDNR is doing their full fish comprehensive survey so we are fortunate that they are grabbing the ripe females and processing them for eggs. We actually have a half a jar already. Ice cold down there today, tubs frozen…

I stop down to check on the eggs and pumps at 6:30 a.m. in the snow and freezing temps (18 degrees) and happy to see there is always 1 constant in this grueling process…it’s the Walleye Wagon chief Jim Schmitz, always there, always taking care of the eggs despite weather, despite other obligations…you are Da Man Jimmy!!

Here’s our babies, note the temperature guage of the water as well….yikes

Anyway for anyone interested….we have been getting a consistent 100+ walleyes in our nets every day. Yesterday, April 3rd – there were 150 Walleyes, 15 Muskies and about a dozen pike . Needless to say the WDNR backs are sore and fingers are froze. Glad they are running the nets and we get a little brake…2 females were ready to share their “liquid gold” eggs.

Stay tuned and watch for the crazy facebook addicts to post more. Otherwise stop down at the Walleye Wagon anytime after 4 p.m. in the 2nd and 3rd week of April or so as that will be when the wagons full and the hatching begins…

The 5th Annual Walleyes for Tomorrow Ice Fishery is February 17th, 2018 at Curly’s Waterfront

Mark Your Calendars….The 5th annual Walleye’s for Tomorrow Ice Fishery is at Curly’s Waterfront. Meat raffles all day…65″ flat screen 4K t.v, pistol, 2 Jiffy Propane power augers, Otter cabin portable shanty, too much to list…look at the happy faces from last year…