Pewaukee Chapter Sponsors

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Patron Sponsors:

Dick Smiths Bait and Tackle
GI Associates

Pantry 41 Pewaukee Lake


All Secure Protection LLC
Aquarius Systems
Craig Dilmann
Central 1 Security Inc
Bob and Mary Eloranta
The Edgewater (previously the Sand Bar)
The Beer Depot
Randy Ernser family
OMNI Capital Corp
Mike Phelps
Smokie’s Bait Shop
Urban Mfg Inc
Curly’s Waterfront
Gina’s Sports Dock
Dick Smiths Bait and Tackle
Frantl Industries, Inc
Mug Shots Bar and Grill
Lake Pewaukee Sanitary District
Jeff Konkol
Mike Heise
Peter Ogden
Xylem Inc (Flygt Pumps)
Pewaukee Marine
Innovative Construction Solutions, Inc
Greg Wein Family
Billy Ho’s
Mary’s 5 0’Clock Club
Doc’s Dry Dock
Studio 360 Photos
Moncada Law Firm


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