The 5th annual Walleyes for Tomorrow Ice Fishery is scheduled for February 17th, 2018 at Curly’s Waterfront….MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!!



The The 1st Annual WFT Pewaukee Chapter Carp Hunt is on!!!!

Carp love walleye, pike and bass eggs so let’s take another small step in improving Pewaukee Lake’s fisheries. Any questions call Shawn O’Hern at 262-719-3972.

Print out the enclosed form and send the form and entry fee to WFT Pewaukee Chapter po box 123 Pewaukee Wi 53072 and we’ll see you on the water for a good time!! You can start anytime Friday afternoon after your payment is received to shine and shoot all night if you want.





The 2017 Ice Fishery was another big success – lots of people won really nice prizes. Thanks to all the people that volunteered for the event and all the donations that were brought in, you made this event what it is.

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A special thanks go’s out to the Badger Fisherman’s League for helping put on a successful kids Ice Fishing Clinic!!!



Mark your calendars for the Biggest Ice Fishery in Town – February 18th, 2017 Walleyes for Tomorrow – Pewaukee Chapter at Curly’s Waterfront!!



Jiffy Pro 4 propane auger

Walleye Wagon -fish sign up location

Walleye Wagon -fish sign up location

Otter xt1200 set up 2015



WFT Muskie Board






WFT Pewaukee Beaver Dam tip-upBeer tower


Beaver Dams and Slammer Baits

Beaver Dams and Slammer Baits







40 Cal SR Hand Gun


60" Samsung smart tv

60″ Samsung smart tv









"Da 2016 Booze Wagon"

“Da 2016 Booze Wagon”









All fishermen must sign up at the Walleye Wagon at Curly’s Waterfront the day of the event. It will be open at 6:00 a.m.

Purchasing 1 ticket ($5.00) at that time gets you in for the Main raffle and qualifys you for the fishing and the fish cash prizes. Fishing ends at 3:00 p.m. sharp at the walleye wagon, you must be there with your catch.

The Fish prizes are as follows:


1st place Northern Pike and Bass – $100 (potential C&R $200)

2nd place northern Pike and Bass – $50 (potential C&R $100)

3rd place northern Pike and Bass – $25 (potential C&R $50)

Note: We are “Walleyes for Tomorrow” so we do not want to see Walleye’s out of the water. We also are very big into catch and release of game fish therefor any Northern Pike or Bass that is put in the reviving pond and is healthy enough for a successful release by a WFT staff person will constitute a “double the prize money”.


1st place Bluegill, Perch and Crappies – $50 each

2nd place Bluegill, Perch and Crappie – $25 each

3rd place Bluegill, Perch and Crappie – $15 each

Pike in staging in the "Catch and Release" pond

Pike in staging in the “Catch and Release” pond












This years volunteer appreciation event was held at Gina’s Sports Dock and several boats went out in pursuit of some toothy critters from noon till 4:00 p.m. Jayden Schmitz swept the northern pike and bass categories.

Dakota and Jayden2015091295131316Jaydens Bass

Jayden won himself a Calcutta 400 and Muskie Mojo combo and another ultra light rod and reel jigging combo.

Jayden winning rods 2015

Here are the volunteers working hard at catching some fish…

Tom Bob and RoosterScott and Tracey

Frank and Keith

Nice work Jayden! Keith Landers and Jeff Schmelzer also walked away with a free rod and reel combo.

Everyone that attended ate well and had plenty of beverages making it a wonderful appreciation event. A big thanks to Matt Groppi our conservation warden for applying for the Wardens Association grant to help fund the event.  Another big thanks to Matt Groppi (right) and Ben Huessner (left) for the recommendation of the Pewaukee Chapters Award shown below.

Commendation Award 2015

For more information follow this link :

The 2nd Annual Walleyes for Tomorrow – Pewaukee Chapter Ice Fishery was a huge success!!

Kids and pole wft ice fishery 2015

THANK YOU TO ALL THE SPONSORS, MEMBERS and DONATORS…., we couldn’t be so successful if you didn’t sponsor us, put in the time and effort to make this what it was, WOW, Nice Work! 

Otter xt1200 set up 2015 Photo from the bar 2015 ice fishery Release pond 2015 wally wagon ice fishery 2015 wft ice fishery kid with pole and stuffed animal

2015 Ice Fishery Flyer

February 21st, 2015 at Curly’s Waterfront 7 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Prizes started with the main drawing:

1st Place – 60″ Flat screen Visio Samrt T.V. (Sponsored by Curly from Cur;ly’s Waterfront)

2nd Place – $500 bp Gift card (Sponsored by bp Pantry 41 Pewaukee Lake)

3rd Place – $300 cash or Jiffy pro 4 Propane Ice auger

Other Prizes were:

  • Otter XT 1200 Portable Ice Cabin (Sponsored by Urban Manufacturing and Pewaukee Marina)
  • Another Jiffy Pro 4 Propane powered Ice Auger
  • 20 Guage double barrel shot gun
  • The Booze Wagon (Sponsored by the Pewaukee Chapter donating members)
  • Beer Tower
  • Muskie Lure Package
  • 30 rod and reel combo’s
  • beaver dam tip-up, frabil round tip-up, hole covers (Sponsored by Dick Smiths Bait and Tackle)
  • all kinds of bucket raffles, with all kings of “stuff”

Meat Raffles all day long  consisting of 3-4′ pork loins, prime rib, tenderloins, new York strips, YUMMY!!!

Stoeger 20 guage double barrel shotgun20 gua double barrel

Muskie Lure package’sWFT Muskie BoardLure board

Otter XT1200 Portable shackOtter XT1200 Cabin

Otter XT 1200 Cabin

Beer Tower

Beer towerWFT Golf Package

Golf Package

Fishery sign in at wagon


Kids and pole wft ice fishery 2015

5 responses to “EVENTS PAGE

    • Northern pike, Crappie, Bluegills and perch. 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Fisherman must hold at least 1 white ticket to enter. A successful release by a Walleyes for Tomorrow staff member of the 1st place northern pike will result in a double pay out ($200). The fish must be registered at the walleye wagon and placed into the fish holding pond.

  1. Main tickets are $5.00 which get you into the big drawing and is used for fishing. You can get them right at the shoreline in the walleye wagon where you sign up for fishing (Lakeview Blvd Boat launch). The walleye wagon will be parked at the launch, Someone will be there at 6:30 a.m.


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