Meadowbrook Creek Streambank and Fish Spawning Habitat Improvement Project – In Honor of Earth Day 2022

The Pewaukee Chapter of Walleyes for Tomorrow and the Rukert-Mielke Environmental team took to the woods and waters to help restore the banks of Meadowbrook creek. While Jerad Wegner lead the R/M team (and he cooked burgers/Brats), Dakota Koepp and Jim Schmitz lead the WFT team in Coir log placement, pounding stakes, and installing pine trees to re-establish the banks. Over time the banks erode and the creek becomes shallower and warmer making it an environment for carp and rough fish. Tightening up banks, improves the flow, deepens the stream and allows the water tempertures to stay cooler helping the game fish environment. Northern pike and other gamefish spawn in flowing water, on rocks and riffles and along sedges which grow along the stream banks. The team will be planting over 500 sedges along the banks in coming weeks.

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