About Us

The Pewaukee Chapter of Walleyes for Tomorrow (Pewaukee Walleyes Website) is a non-profit organization 501 (3) c – dedicated to improving the fishery and future and overall health of Pewaukee Lake.

WFT Pewaukee Chapter Appreciation dinner












Members of the board:
Tom Koepp — Chairman (414) 333-9603
Jim Schmitz /John Covert — Co Chairmen
Jerad Wegner — Treasurer
Kristine Koepp/Tracey Czeshan — Secretary’s

Website — Bill and Jayne Laste, Tom Koepp, Mike Phelps
Fall Raffle — Tonja Hocken, Kristine Koepp, Tasha Koepp, Jody and Jim Schmitz
Ice Fishery — Jerad Wegner, Tom Perdzock, Turk, Keith Landers, Nancy Koepp, John Conant, Jeff Schmelzer, Mike Koepp, Jim and Jody Schmitz, Rooster, Tonja Hocken, Angie, Greg and Tasha Koepp, Kristine and Tom Koepp
Walleye Wagon – Bob Eloranta, Jim Schmitz (and “the boys”), Keith Landers, Jeff “Rooster” Roos, Bobby O’ Neill, Frank Yurchich, Jerry Burg, Ron Guades, John Conant, Dakota and Tom Koepp

Contact us:

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