The Wally Wagon is fired up again – come check it out!!

Jims first jars of 2016

Jims first jars of 2016

04042016 Nets Jim Bob Dakota

Little eyes 04062016 Spawned out female 04042016 Netting 04062016 Frank milking 04062016The Walleye wagon is on site at W279 N2865 Rocky Point road and we just started filling the wagon with eggs on April 6th, 2016. I’d expect to be netting for 5-7 days and filling it up with our new babies.

All are welcome to check out this fantastic ordeal.

Our first catch were a pair of 27 inch walleyes, one was spawned out as can be seen in this photo and was was “ready to go”, the next day all nets were put in with an additional two to maximize our efforts.

Emptying nets, milking fish, adding the milt, mixing, and prepping for the jars will go on for a week or so. Then we watch the development of our fry for typically around 22 days. To read more go to the Walleye Wagon page and read all about last year, good info…The Walleye Wagon Operation


2016 ICE FISHERY A SUCCESS – Lots of Winners

IMG_1746 IMG_1748 IMG_1745 IMG_1744 IMG_1733 IMG_1732 IMG_1730 IMG_1725 IMG_1724 IMG_1723 IMG_1722 IMG_1720 IMG_1752The February 20th, 2016 Pewaukee Chapter Ice Fishery was a huge success. Probably 200-300 people attended the event and a good time was had by all. Great prizes were won, nice fish were caught, handled with care and released successfully. A win-win for everyone!! See the happy faces of some guys who won some really nice stuff. The funds received could only have happened by the generous donations of our Sponsors, the club members and the people who joined in the fun. Thank You for your support!

The fundraiser’s success will go right back into the very waters we are trying to preserve, protect and enhance so the walleye fisheries can bounce back and provide enjoyment to us and our future generations!!

Thanks again from Tom Koepp and the entire crew of Members and Sponsors of the Pewaukee Chapter of Walleyes for Tomorrow!


Go to the “events page” tab  for more information!!

Follow the link below:

WFT Event Page                         Catch and Release program – see photo gallery

Walleye Catch and Release photos

2016 ICE FISHERY FLYERThe catch and release program offers any WFT member a free fish fry upon catching and releasing a legal walleye. It also puts them into the end of the winter raffle for a chance to win a double barrel shot gun, a beaver dam tip-up, and other prizes…even another fish fry. So please the old saying – let em’ go and let em’ grow is even more important in Pewaukee as we need to keep these “spawners” in the lake to supply our walleye wagon (portable fish hatchery) with eggs and milt to continue the stocking efforts. We are in a critical stage of re-establishing the walleye population in this lake and you can help us!

To become a member simply download the membership form, fill it out write a check for $25 and your in. Members can be involved at any level they want.

Go to: Membership Tab

Walleye Wagon is a huge success again in 2015

The hatchery knocked out another 4.5 million fry which were released into the lake in the spring of 2015. The crews had perfect weather with winds creating “upwellings” or better known as “chum lines” which the fry were released into giving them the nearby food they need to start their survival process. For more info on the Walleye Wagon go to the Walleye Wagon page on this website.

Final release day 2015 Fry release 2015












Jars 1-4 showed the eye up stage for a several days before hatching on the weekend of April 25th just as forecasted on the “help list calendar”.









Some of the fry have had “helmet head” as knick-named by the WDNR fisheries for fry that are reaching the proper temperature units for hatching but slowed by cold weather changes, they tend to be sort of “stalling” the process. Some of the fry get the egg shell stuck on their heads which can lead to their death. At a regular hatchery the WDNR may increase the water temperatures slightly to promote the hatch but at our portable hatchery we can’t add warm water then expect them to transition to the cold lake. Fortunately this weeks weather forecast is very favorable and mother nature will help the process naturally. As expected our jars to started to pop like popcorn, just as we forecasted, perfect timing to get the eggs through the hatching process.

If you want to witness this outstanding process, mark this timing down for next year in 2016 and stop in at the Walleye wagon before the hatch starts to verify forecasted hatch dates.

Walleye fry hatching








If you want to see the release process it will be 3 days after the hatching so for example in 2015 it was by May 3-5th. If you don’t know where we are located at W279 N2865 Rocky Point Road or call Tom at 414-333-9603 for directions.

To see the latest article about the Pewaukee Chapter’s Walleye Wagon efforts in 2015 see the “In the News page” or see the T.V. interview – CBS 58 Story on Walleyes or Tomorrow – Pewaukee Lake Chapters “Walleye Wagon” efforts:

or in the Wisconsin Game Warden Magazine go to:



Nets have been cranking out fish….and we have a full hatchery, thanks to a lot of hard work by a high quality group of people who care about the fisheries and the overall health of Pewaukee Lake!!!

Nets were acquired from the WDNR to assure we had enough and we had them in time. The early net crew didn’t waste any time getting a “test net” out to check the status of the walleye spawn. Keith Landers volunteered his boat and pursued to lead the group charge as ripe females were appearing as early as April 6th, 2015?!!!


While lots of “chatter” was flying about between members and other folks about being the only lake in Wisconsin having ripe fish, the crew didn’t slow down for a second besides a storm slamming through…

As the weekend approached the crews were in process of filling the 3rd Jar of eggs.

With Sunday April 12th being a big day ….

2015 Hatchery eggs

Then a slow taper leading to a struggle of one jar a day till April 16th being the last “net day”.

A full hatchery with an estimate of 7,060,000 eggs. This count will go down due to natural processes such as lack of fertilization, or other health related issues. Below is a typical net of Pewaukee fish.

A Net full of quality Pewaukee fish

Here is a tank of nice spawning Pewaukee Walleyes waiting to be milked…

2015 fyke net walleyes

Then there’s the milking action and fertilizing that was done by several of the crew this year – Frank Yurchich, Scott Czechan, Jim Schmitz, Keith Landers and myself…My favorite part is fertilizing…


Here is what the hatchery to Jars look like to date, we need to run and get some tanks ready for a hatch so more pictures to follow…

Hatchery eggs 04212015


Eggs are getting close to “eye-up” as of April 20th, 2015


Stop in at the hatchery and check out this process….the Last week of April we need all hands on deck as the hatch will be underway!!! WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!

The Walleye Wagon Operations Start soon

It’s that time of year again folks….time to net some Pewaukee slob females and strip some eggs and get the hatchery cranking again!!

Walleyes in Tankstation #10 set up for WFT5 Million walleye eggs in hatchery jars

The Walleye wagon will be on site by the last weekend in March 2015. Nets are already in our hands and ready to place in the water when the temperature gets a little warmer than 40 degrees. This will typically happen around the second weekend in April, so hang on to your shorts….

Here’s a little summary of last year so you can think about timing:

Date first nets were set: 4/18/2014

Number of nets set: 4

Date last net was pulled: 4/23/2014

Total net nights: 5

Date first eggs were placed in hatchery: 4/19/2014

Date last eggs were placed in hatchery: 4/23/2014

Total estimated eggs in hatchery: 845 o.z.

Date first fry were released: May 12th, 2014

Accumulated TU’s on the date of the first hatch: 321

Estimated hatch  (success rate) : 95%

Date last fry were released: 5/13/2014

Estimated number of fry released: 3-4 Million

Accumulated TU’s date of last release: 354

Total days hatchery operation (first net set to last fry released): 26 days

Total number of fish caught: Males – 103  Females – 47

Total number of fish stripped: Males – 72  Females – 36

A job well done boys and girls….so the question becomes….can we match that this year?!

Get ready to roll them nets out….see you at the April 2nd meeting to discuss who’s on board!!!


2nd Annual WFT ICE FISHERY – FEB 21ST, 2015

2015 Ice Fishery FlyerThe 2nd annual WFT Pewaukee Chapter Ice Fishery is here!!

February 21st, 2015 at Curly’s Waterfront 7 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Prizes start with main drawing:

1st Place – 60″ Flat screen Visio Samrt T.V. (Sponsored by Curly from Curly’s Waterfront)

2nd Place – $500 bp Gift card (Sponsored by bp Pantry 41 Pewaukee Lake)

3rd Place – $300 cash or Jiffy pro 4 Propane Ice augerJiffy Pro 4 propane auger

Other Prizes to date:

  • Otter XT 1200 Portable Ice Cabin (Sponsored by Urban Manufacturing and Pewaukee Marina)
  • Another Jiffy Pro 4 Propane powered Ice Auger
  • 20 Guage double barrel shot gun
  • The Booze Wagon (Sponsored by the Pewaukee Chapter donating members)
  • Beer Tower
  • Muskie Lure Package
  • 30 rod and reel combo’s
  • beaver dam tip-up, frabil round tip-up, hole covers (Sponsored by Dick Smiths Bait and Tackle)
  • all kinds of bucket raffles, with all kings of “stuff”

Over $1,000 of Meat Raffles all day long  consisting of 4′ pork loins, prime rib, tenderloins, new York strips, YUMMY!!!

20 gua double barrel

Otter XT1200 Portable shackOtter XT1200 Cabin

Tickets can be bought the day of the event in Curly’s Waterfront.

Fishing ticket and sign up is in the Walleye Wagon right at the launch. Someone will be there just after 6:30 a.m. Fish prizes are for Northern, Bass, Perch, Bluegill, Crappie. Prizes will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd places ($30, $20, $10) with the exception of the northern pike which will be $100. A successful catch and release of the first place northern will result in a double payout ($200). Must be released by a WFT staff member. A holding pond will be prepared by the walleye wagon.

 Beer towerLure board


WFT Muskie Board


Fishery sign in at wagon


WFT Golf Package