Thank you for your interest in joining Walleyes For Tomorrow

WFT has several levels of memberships available for an individual.

As an individual member, you will receive  the WFT Newsletter published to keep members informed of the activities of WFT and issues that are of importance to fishermen. The newsletter will allow you to see how and where your membership dollars are being spent in support of walleye production.

The Individual Membership is $25.00 per year.

As an individual sponsor you will receive a WFT print of the year, the newsletters and a plaque for your sponsor donation. Each successive year that you sponsor, you will be given an annual print and a yearly decal to place on the plaque verifying your continued sponsoring of WFT.

The Individual Sponsor membership is $200.00 per year.

As a chapter member you can participate in the annual chapter fundraising event as a worker or simply by attending the event. Each WFT chapter has a fundraising event every year. By attending the event you will meet others like yourself that support the mission of the WFT. The chapter you join is your choice.

The Chapter Membership cost varies by the chapter you choose to join.

Patrons receive the same benefits as individual sponsors and are automatically given a Chapter Membership that allows you to attend the chapter fundraising event of your choice.

As a donor, you can contribute any amount you feel is acceptable. Your donation will be used for projects and other activities the WFT undertakes to increase the number of walleye in the public waters of Wisconsin. Your donation is greatly appreciated.
The Patron membership is $1000.00 per year.

To become a WFT member email:
Pewaukee Chapter

PO BOX 123
Pewaukee, WI 53072

Send the appropriate membership amount to the address above.

Those wanting to donate to WFT without membership may send the donation to:

Pewaukee Chapter

PO Box 123
Pewaukee, WI 53072

WFT is a 501 (3)(c) tax exempt corporation.
All donations and memberships to Walleyes For Tomorrow are tax deductible.

Yours for a better fishery,

Tom Koepp – Pewaukee Chapter Chairman

Mike Arrowood – Chairman of The Board, WFT

WTF Membership Application


2 responses to “Membership

    • Brian, A single person membership is $25 for the year. If you wanted to do a family membership it is $50/year. We do have some sponsors which is $200 a year and while some are individuals most are taverns, law firms, bait shops, etc. A Patron Sponsor is $1,000 a year and we have only 2 of those right now. Dick Smiths Bait and Tackle and GI Associates of Wisconsin.
      You can download a membership form from the website and send it to WFT Pewaukee Chapter at P.O. Box 123 Pewaukee WI 53072….or just send a check with your name address, phone and email address and we will get you signed up!
      Tom Koepp
      WFT Pewaukee Chapter Chairman
      Call me anytime if you have any questions

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