Cribs on Hummingbird, you can see the logs and a pine tree trying to float up but its trunk is nailed to the logs.

crib-1-underwater-whole-frame crib-1-underwater-elev

You can see the crib on the side scan on the right side of the split screen shot below. The crib is slightly off to the right side that’s why you can only see a corner of it on the normal down scan on th3e left side of the screen. You can also see we are in 16 feet of water but my transducer is 12″ in the water so its 17 feet. Coordinates are on the graph so you can find these easily.crib-on-sidescan crin-underwater-corner All 4 cribs are on the map below so you can see the placements of each crib.


Here’s a crib properly set in place 03052017 video by Jimmy schmitz

Here’s another crib set nicely

Here’s the first item almost got caught up in the crib (my camera)…yikes


The fish crib project started in 2017 and the crew hammered out 4 cribs in a weekend. It started by searching for any willing person or entity to donate some hardwood trees. A highly active member – Al Schulthess came up big with a contact that is supplying us with the bulk of the ash trees needed to the cribs done. Bob Eloranta donated the first batch of ash trees and Rooster and John Kolf got some rebar to get the first crib underway. The first cribs were built in early February 2017 and sunk by the 20th.

See the enclosed video as we get these cribs rolling…

img_4822 img_4827 img_4824 img_4832 img_4929

See the short video on final crib construction:

Crib #1: Latitude 43.0731 Longitude -88.3074

Crib #2: Latitude 43.0734 Longitude -88.3073

Crib #3: Latitude 43.0737 Longitude -88.3072

Crib #4: Latitude 43.0739 Longitude -88.3085

We’ll see how accurate those numbers turn out to be. I will adjust if necessary. Good Luck – tight lines my friends.