Wally Wagon Hatching 2021

Well folks “its on” right now, the biggest batch of walleye eggs in Pewaukee history is being developed and released into Pewaukee Lake and we need some help watching so these baby’s make it to the lake safely. All hands on deck!

Here’s a few photos of this Springs progress. Ultimately it looks like we will release 8 million fry this year.

Hatchery full of fry. Then some frye hatching, then the location we dropped the frye. In honor of Dana we released the first batch over Danas crib on the west end by Walks island. Perhaps, just perhaps, he can guide them down to the safety of the pine trees stuffed in the crib so they can grow old enough to fend for themselves without being quickly gobbled up by panfish.

Any help is appreciated as we have the load of eggs to watch and frye to hatch and get into the water. We need people to watch and clean filters to get it done. A sign up sheet is at the walleye wagon off Rocky Point avenue. We would expect all to be done in the next 10 days…we are ironically always done on Mothers day!


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