Walleye “Fall Fingerling” Stocking – 2016

As promised Ben Huessner from the WDNR came through with the 37,000 fall fingerling

walleye’s that were slated for Pewaukee lake in 2016.

Check out this video –

ben-and-gllons-stockingThose of you that have been following the Pewaukee Chapter of Walleyes for Tomorrow know the group has run the Walleye Wagon the last 3 years adding 3-4 million walleye fry to the lake each year. With all this steady hard work and nagging the WDNR for establishing a year class of new walleyes we are finally really starting to see the fruits of our labor. Ben was recently doing the elctro-shocking and he confirmed many 12-14″ walleyes which are in the shallows putting on their winter weight. These are the 2014 walleyes that either the WDNR stocked or they are our fry from the 2014 walleye wagon efforts….who cares, they are healthy and looking really good.

Gollons bait brought the fish this October and Ben did some sampling of the size. He also took quite a few fin clippings to use for determining strain and future reference when we net these fish for the walleye wagon or the WDNR net them during their fish surveys.

2016-walleye-stockingFirst Ben grabs a bucket of “sample fish”, then he measures the fingerlings. Then he grabs a fin sample and sends him into the drink to their new home.ben-with-walleye-sample





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