The Wally Wagon is fired up again – come check it out!!

Jims first jars of 2016

Jims first jars of 2016

04042016 Nets Jim Bob Dakota

Little eyes 04062016 Spawned out female 04042016 Netting 04062016 Frank milking 04062016The Walleye wagon is on site at W279 N2865 Rocky Point road and we just started filling the wagon with eggs on April 6th, 2016. I’d expect to be netting for 5-7 days and filling it up with our new babies.

All are welcome to check out this fantastic ordeal.

Our first catch were a pair of 27 inch walleyes, one was spawned out as can be seen in this photo and was was “ready to go”, the next day all nets were put in with an additional two to maximize our efforts.

Emptying nets, milking fish, adding the milt, mixing, and prepping for the jars will go on for a week or so. Then we watch the development of our fry for typically around 22 days. To read more go to the Walleye Wagon page and read all about last year, good info…The Walleye Wagon Operation


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