The Walleye Wagon Operations Start soon

It’s that time of year again folks….time to net some Pewaukee slob females and strip some eggs and get the hatchery cranking again!!

Walleyes in Tankstation #10 set up for WFT5 Million walleye eggs in hatchery jars

The Walleye wagon will be on site by the last weekend in March 2015. Nets are already in our hands and ready to place in the water when the temperature gets a little warmer than 40 degrees. This will typically happen around the second weekend in April, so hang on to your shorts….

Here’s a little summary of last year so you can think about timing:

Date first nets were set: 4/18/2014

Number of nets set: 4

Date last net was pulled: 4/23/2014

Total net nights: 5

Date first eggs were placed in hatchery: 4/19/2014

Date last eggs were placed in hatchery: 4/23/2014

Total estimated eggs in hatchery: 845 o.z.

Date first fry were released: May 12th, 2014

Accumulated TU’s on the date of the first hatch: 321

Estimated hatch  (success rate) : 95%

Date last fry were released: 5/13/2014

Estimated number of fry released: 3-4 Million

Accumulated TU’s date of last release: 354

Total days hatchery operation (first net set to last fry released): 26 days

Total number of fish caught: Males – 103  Females – 47

Total number of fish stripped: Males – 72  Females – 36

A job well done boys and girls….so the question becomes….can we match that this year?!

Get ready to roll them nets out….see you at the April 2nd meeting to discuss who’s on board!!!


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