1st “Fish Sticks” Project in SE Wisconsin

Here’s a link to the latest article regarding our Fish sticks project

WDNR Wood in the Water article


I grabbed some underwater photos of the Fish Sticks project on March 11th, 2015 under the ice. I probably scared the fish away drilling holes as I didn’t have time to drill and come back. But photos were a success and it really looks good down there. The crew should be proud of their hard work. Here are the photo’s:

Fish sticks 2015 FFish sticks 2015 EFish sticks 2015 D






Fish sticks 2015 CFish sticks 2015 A Fish sticks 2015 B

The Pewaukee Chapter of Walleyes for Tomorrow knocks out the first fish sticks project in SE Wisconsin. The “Woody Structures” provide critical habitat for all species of life in the food chain of a lakes ecosystem. The bottom of the logs can hold thousands of invertebrates feeding on the wood. The small fish feed on the invertebrates and the larger fish on the smaller fish. The wood provides shore protection and habitat above the water for insects, turtles, wood ducks, and birds as well.


Morning fish sticks crew

The morning crew move into the project area

Dragging trees to the site

Dragging trees to the site

Fish sticks crew moving first trees in

The crew places the first trees


For more information on the latest Pewaukee Fish Sticks Project see the JS Online article below.

JS Online Fish Sticks project WFT Pewaukee Chapter

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